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Core Principles

We are transforming how small businesses access capital through lending and technology innovation. We are committed to establishing industry best practices and standards that ensure that small businesses are able to secure financing in a fair, efficient, and transparent manner so that they can get back to what they do best: growing their businesses, hiring workers, and fueling the economy. In support of this mission, we establish here key principles that underpin how we engage with our small business customers.

Providing Truthful, Transparent, and Complete Information

We are committed to ensuring that our small business customers are provided truthful, transparent, and complete information about our loans so that they can make prudent and informed decisions.

Merchants of America LLC

Our loans are best-received and utilized by our customers when they are able to easily understand the loan terms and determine whether the product is the correct fit for their needs. Accordingly, we have tailored our disclosure forms to provide transparency, ensure readability and accessibility, and help our small business customers understand and compare the total costs and terms associated with their loans. We remain committed to accurate and effective disclosure and will continue to consider new approaches to furthering this goal.

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